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The Primary Rhythms Workshop aims to develop mind/ body awareness, and to open up the creative and learning potential of its participants.  Whether organized or chaotic, rhythm structures our entire experience.  As human beings, we are animated

--emotionally, bodily and intellectually--by the force of rhythm.  Sensing, breathing, information processing, voice, language and communication are all essentially rhythmic phenomena.  The Primary Rhythms Method creates awareness of the all-encompassing role that rhythm plays in the stream of exchanges between ourselves and our environment.  The Primary Rhythms Method helps reveal the subtlety, originality and strength of the inner world, giving in turn more charm, finesse and human warmth to our interactions with the world and people around us.


The workshop develops in 3 stages


This stage directs observation towards the body.

The suggestions given by the practitioner’s voice allow the participants to enter into an individual resting rhythm in which the will to act cedes to a state of heightened listening.

There, participants perceive within their body spoken information touching all of the senses; this information comes through as ever more distinct rhythms.  A synthesis of sounds, colors, tastes, scents, and spatial positionings takes shape according to the personal history of each participant.  An intimate space, animated by each individual’s own rhythms, thus unfolds.


First, each participant elaborates a rhythmic pattern made up of the most vivid rhythms that imposed themselves during the relaxation.

Secondly all the participants in the circle of the group take turns presenting their pattern using only what the body provides: hand claps, foot shuffling, voice…

This process starts the dynamic of the group.


Here a series of games facilitates the exchange of rhythmic patterns, and begins to reveal the distinct personalities of the participants within the group.

The synchronization of individual creative forces gives the group cohesion and helps form an equilibrium between the desire for autonomy and the need to belong.

The rhythmic fabric thus established serves as a jumping-off point for a new creative dynamic: melodies, stories, dances, plastic arts and lighting effects--to name but a few possibilities--appear as so many languages coming out of the primary rhythmic babble. These elements can then be woven together into an artistic performance intended in its own time to stir a much greater public to action.


Singer-song writer-composer- Musical group Family Fodder since 1977

Last Album “Water Shed”-New York-London – 2001- Alternative Rock Music.

(Classical violin).

Creator and instructor of the Primary Rhythms method.

Organization of workshop in Europe in the artistic, therapeutic, pedagogic and social domains since 1984.

DEUG in Psychology at the University Paul Valery - Montpellier - France.

Training in Relaxation Techniques: Sophrology

Experience in Iyengar Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan.

In the process of Feldenkrais Method Practitioner professional training at the Feldenkrais Resources Center - Berkeley – USA.


Each session of the Primary Rhythms Workshop lasts 2h30.

8 participants maximum per session. Different formats of the workshop can be organized.

Wear warm clothes for the relaxation and lighter ones for the dynamization and synchronization.

Different types of the workshop can be organized


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